Clashgour 010308
Visit to Clashgour hut for some Munro bagging.

Walk to Stob Ghabhar Stob Ghabhar More of Stob Ghabhar Walk in SN150038

SN150039 SN150045 Ridge to the summit of Ghabhar SN150053 SN150058

SN150068 SN150074 SN150076 SN150084 SN150086

Dorothea and Dave SN150093 SN150096 Reconstruction Terrordave

Rocks Stob Ghabhar On the way up Stob Ghabhar Walk to Stob Ghabhar Look how far we have come

Clouds Corrie of Stob Ghabhar SN150037 SN150044 SN150052

SN150057 SN150061 Crampons SN150075 Clashgour hut

SN150082 SN150089 SN150091 SN150094 SN150097

SN150114 Clouds Boggy way back from Stob Corrie Odhair Beinn Dorain SN150127

Clashgour hut Stob Ghabhar Surrounding mountains Stob Ghabhar and Stob Corrie Odhair

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