Scotland holidaying 0807
Holidaying in Scotland around Glencoe area during August 2007.

Inchree waterfall Old quarry Old quarry Mushroom On way to Nevis Gorge

Me and Nevis Gorge An Steall, close up An Steall, closer up Frog Frog escaping

West Highland Way, Rannoch Moor Rannoch Moor Rannoch Moor West Highland Way Me: happy

Ba Bridge Dragonfly p8100121 p8100122 p8100128

p8100129 Rannoch Moor Rainbow chairlift Meall nan Ruadhag View into Loch Leven

p8100144 Shot horse Allt Corrie na Ba at Kinlochleven Loch Leven by day Floor documentation project

Stirling Castle Stirling Castle rooftops Sick tree Green woody Brown woody

Nevis Gorge: not for nubs An Steall Fighting sticks Nevis Gorge Rachel and An Steall

Nevis Gorge Rannoch Moor Flowers at  Ba Bridge Ba Bridge p8100114

p8100115 Ba Bridge Inappropriate footwear demonstration Buchaille Etive Mor Buchaille Etive Mor

p8100142 Me and the hills Grey Mares Tail waterfall Grey Mares Tail waterfall Evil swan

Loch Leven by night Rob Roy's grave Stirling Castle Stirling Castle Gargoyles at Stirling

Stirling Castle Stirling Castle Nevis Gorge Clach Leathad and Corrie an Easain

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